The Treasured Lamb Porcelain Portrait Dolls

Custom-made Porcelain Dolls Made to Match Child Photos

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Place your order by phone, postal mail or via E-Mail

Phone:  (605) 269-2166

Cell Phone: (937) 681-5887

Address:  11973 Aspen Way, Whitewood, SD 57793


When placing your order
Please provide the following required information

1. Please send a portrait-type photo via by US Postal Mail at the address listed below or you can scan and E-mail  at: It is preferred that you send a 5″ X 7″ or larger photograph of the child photo you wish to have portrait porcelain doll made of.  NOTE: Snapshot photos are harder to work from, but I can use them  if it’s all you have. 2. A $50.00 deposit is required with your order, and the remaining balance due upon completion including shipping and handling charges.  

3. Please include child’s “Full Name” and “Date of Birth”. This information is etched into the back of each doll created.  Please specify eye color, hair color, and clothing color, as photos are sometimes difficult to tell.  If the photos are black and white, definitely clearly state the colors.

4. Also, please include your  Name, Telephone Number, Home Address, and your E-Mail address for communication purposes.


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